Fresh Mussels in Pastis

Garlic, Parsley and Fennel, French Fries : 599

Fish Cake Quenelles

Sautéed Forest Mushroom Sauce, Pasta : 690

Salmon Steak
Lemon Sole Meuniere

Lightly Pan-Fried with a Lemon Butter Sauce and Baked Potatoes : 1,690

Mediterranean Style Sea Bass

Steamed Sea Bass Fillet Stuffed with Green Olives, Bell Peppers & Paris Mushrooms. Served with Mixed Vegetables and a Buerre Blanc : 690

Nantua Sauce : 450


Fillets of Mixed Mediterranean Rock Fish, Fish Soup, Spicy Rouille Sauce : 890

Mediterranean Calamari

Slow Cooked and Served with Porcini Risotto : 420